What’s hot on the High Street?

With catwalk trends changing so quickly, it can sometimes be hard to keep up. Knowing whether you are following the flock or are the lost lamb lagging behind can often leave you in a bit of a fashion frenzy! As the summer collection hits the sale rail and an array of autumn gear is flashed before our eyes, how do we know whether we are getting it right?

Lucky for you, I have been out and about scanning the high street for A/W 14’s hottest trends. If you are going to follow any this year, then these are the rules to abide by. Have a sneak peek at the new seasons best buys and grab them now to ensure you enter the autumn breeze with ease.



Tailor me baby…

tailored jacket 2

The tailored jacket will be king of the coats next season with tweed being the key fabric. Tartan, dog tooth and checkered prints will reign the style kingdom and take their rightful place on the fashion throne.

Below, Saint Laurent show off their Tailored pieces for A/W 14 at Paris Fashion Week earlier this year.

Unfortunately, we can’t all afford that luxury designer, price tag, but lucky for all you bargain hunters out there, these traditional pieces can often be found in vintage shops or even in the wardrobe of a grandparent! Don’t be afraid of re-modelling an old classic – these pieces are often much more effective when vintage as they reflect the true message the trend represents.

saint laurent tailored jacket



Not so pretty in pink…

Wow, wow, wow don’t be too hesitant to throw out your summer pastels as this Autumn pink is sinking it’s heels into the ground and sticking to the floor of the catwalk.

Team your pretty, pink pastels with harsh, silver metallic tones, black leather and all things rock! The ‘hard’ pastel is an easy look to work and means you can recycle those summer pieces and revamp them for the winter months.

rivers pink jumper


Here, British beauty Cara Delevigne leads a string of supermodels around Chanel’s very own supermarket, strutting her stuff to show of the A/W collection.

chanel pnk



Frisk me, collar me…

If you going to have anything around your neck this Autumn, make sure it’s a collar. A fur collar. 

You will see fur collars on just about everything on the high street, from small, leather jackets to warm, winter coats; if it’s not got a fur collar- don’t bother. 

rivers fur coat


As fur collars can often be large, it’s important to keep accessories to a minimum, i.e no jewelry will be required here. Keep your outfit minimal like Elie Saab at Paris Fashion Week and let the collar do the talking.

Elie Saab



Let’s go to Cape Town…

If your not afraid to make a statement then the cape is the winter warmer for you. They’re arriving in an abundance of patterns and colours, guaranteed a cheeky head turn as you soar down the street.

rivers cape

The main thing to note is that the cape is a statement piece. Team with plain drainpipe jeans, chunky ankle boots and a vest for a look that will scream ‘I just threw this on (but I look amazing, don’t I?)’
Saint Laurent show us amateurs how its’s done with this incredible show stopper. 
saintloaurent cape
So, these are just a few of the top trends sneaking their way into our wardrobes over the coming months. I will be back with more of the new season’s trends very shortly, keep your eyes peeled for more top tips!



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